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 Each survey contains a maximum of only 10 questions. Answer which ever survey you like
 1: Vote for your favourite Teraz Girl  SURVEY 1: Graveyard of the Dead survey (10% discount voucher at end)
 2:Which is your favourite Teraz movie  SURVEY 2: Mark of the Whip 2 survey (10% discount voucher at end)
 3:How would you rate the Teraz Films music?  SURVEY 3: Your thoughts on future Teraz Films productions
 4:Which is the better Terror Perverse Film?  SURVEY 4: General Teraz Films Questions
   SURVEY 5: Terror Perverse (contains adult questions)
   SURVEY 6: Questions about Stella Films
   SURVEY 7: Questions about Fantom Kiler 4
   SURVEY 8: Your views on DVD specifications,your TV setup etc
   SURVEY 9: VOD Membership site - state your preferred options
   SURVEY 10: Kristi and the Time Machine Survey

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