In our VOD Poll we asked which file format you would prefer to download plus a bunch of other questions.
Here are the results so far
Which would you prefer to do?:  
 Download the videos to your hard drive to view when you want  87%
 View the videos on line in a streaming format  12%
 Other Option (I dont even know what that could be?)  1%
Which formats would you prefer ?  
 AVI: This would be a very large file (720x480 A feature would be 20+Gb)  25% (actually a full feature would be about 60Gbs!!!!)
 DIVX: High quality - may require a DIVX player or DVD player software  21% (although DIVX is meant to be great quality with high compression - tests have not shown good results so far.)
 WMV: Windows Media Player file - smaller but usually lower quality  17% (this is a format that is very common with download sites)
 MPEG2: Good Quality - quite a large file  16% (this is the video file that is used for DVDs/ MPEG1 for VCDs)
 WINZIP: Would you like files to be compressed with Winzip?  7% (the best known zip file but not the best)
 RAR: Would you like files to be compressed with RAR?  5% (slightly less well known and you may need to buy the software)
 QUICKTIME: (*.mov file) Apple quicktime (Macs and PCs)  4% (quite a large file that requires a Quicktime Player)
 FLASH: As used by sites like Youtube. Smaller file - for viewing on line  3% (aka FLV file. Good for streaming but quality is not great)
What size would you prefer the file to be ?  
 720 x 480 (16/9) full DVD size picture (very large file)  56% (of course the bigger the file, the more the cost)
 720 x 480 (16/9) full DVD size picture - broken into 15-20m sections  23%
480 x 368 Medium Size file  17%
 320 x 240 Small file for viewing on PC or small screen player  3% (this would be more for small portable players.....why?)
Does your television have an active internet connection?  
 No  67% (lovefilm advertising makes it look this is the norm)
 Yes  21% (but can you store it?)
 I don't know  5% ( well get off your ass and take a look round the back)
Which do you prefer?  
 To download the movie  71% (well that is a surprise!)
 To do both  21% (our favourite kind of customer)
 To buy the DVD  8% (Get the DVD coffin ready)
How do you watch films from the internet?  
 On your PC/laptop  61% (now is that really the best way to watch a masturpiece?)
 By using a media player that can play AVI, mpeg files, etc on your TV  16% (techno-wizards)
 By burning the film onto disc and playing it on the DVD player  13% (what software I wonder?)
 Through an internet connection on your TV  10% (would love to hear from people who have used this site)
 Have you ever downloaded films from any of these sites?  
 Netflix  26%
 Amazon  20% (Amazon come in 2nd place!!?)
 Itunes  19% (is it just me, or is Itunes just too complicated?)
 Blockbuster  7.45% (atleast you don't have to rewind the tape)
 Lovefilm  7,45% (after all their advertising)
 Nicemovies  1.06% (I guess the name would put most punters off)
 Other download sites that were mentioned: Rue Morgue, Kink, In the crack, maxdoom ; videoload ; Aebn ;
 Nicheclips. Science Fiction Fetish. GIGA (Japan). Red Feline,













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