Fantom Kiler 2: The Kiler is back! in this inevitable sequel, but the quality of the production, the shocks and of course the women hasn't diminished since the first film. What is the kiler's motive? he has none, we have come to accept that he is inherently misogynistic and completely unstoppable and he continues to commit his ever heinous crimes against the very sexy and totally naked women of this small Polish town. But of course he cannot continue his crimes in his regular fashion, he must excel his deepest desire for the most extreme of killings and become even more brutal and merciless than ever before! Excellent sequel. Widescreen Subtitled.



Once again we are back in erotic hardcore horror territory where mainstream horror fans have no place and you would be ashamed if your mum found a copy under your mattress. Fantom Kiler 2 is unsurprisingly the follow-up to the first Fantom Kiler movie again under the helm of Polish Director Roman Nowicki. The thing that this film has in common with Fantom Kiler 1 is the way that the violence is portrayed. Death visits each female victim and humiliates them by stripping them naked, subjecting them to various tortuous techniques and then snuffs each out in a grim and degrading manner. It's obviously not real but the brutal imagery might not be to everyone's taste. You have been warned.

So to those that are still reading, what was the film actually like, well like I said about the first film, technically it is pretty solid with some great use of heavy primary colours and a funky little sound track that creates a pretty good ambiance during the opening credits and beyond. The acting is fairly nondescript and never distracts your attention away from the imagery.

I guess this type of sub genre horror really has two main draws for it's audience. The first is the quality of the women and the second is the gore factor. As it happens most of the women are very appealing making for a little titillation before they have there throats cut which leads us nicely to the gore. The murder scenes are depicted as brutal with women being stabbed multiple times before they are left to die. Although surprisingly you don't get close ups of the aftermath like you would with some mainstream horror, you still get the required effect from the frenzied attacks. If this stuff turns you on then you will not be disappointed.

This is a film that is aimed at a particular audience and was never made for mainstream audiences. At face value it is an offensive peace of work that has been made for the section of society that has a hard time telling reality from fiction. Then again it might be a carefully crafted movie that uses naked women and violence to put across a warning to those who live an immoral life and the consequences of such a life. You decide, but to me it was a movie that allowed me to see some good looking chicks in the nude, shallow but hey that's life.




One hooker is “jump started” on the bonnet of her own car then gutted like a fish, another is found hanging in a meat van, another is sawn in half whilst a policewoman is mercilessly slashed to pieces.

A detective, haunted by his lack of results, vents his frustration by abusing the same women who are being preyed upon by the mysterious killer.

For the police and the hookers of this small east European town, there seems to be no end to the sadistic nightmare.

The same sick Polish fucks who gave us the Fantom Kiler are back with Fantom Kiler 2 a mean spirited misanthropic sex and slaughter stunner, unlike part one, part 2 certainly lives up to its infamy. Easily matching Unspeakable and the violent shit films in wrongness. Where the first film seemed to be violent sex fantasies shared by victim and killer alike. This film has a harder edge with brutal tortureish slayings perpetrated by an insecure woman hater who sees all women as whores that are lower than a beast.

Production-wise this film like the first seems to have been shot on a number of film stocks and in different ratios (although it might all be digital video tricks) and looks quite fabulous to be honest. As if done by some Oscar talented cinematographer slumming with a pet project. The acting seems okay to me but a very over the top. The real draw is the wall-to-wall parade of naked women who seem to be on a mission to see who can look the most like a slut.

I took a stand and defended Fantom Kiler as guilty pleasure; I don’t think I’ll do that this time around. Fantom Kiler 2 is one sick puppy that will offend all but the most hardened viewers.